SIP Route Manager

Dive into the world of enhanced SIP communication with SIP Route Manager. This state-of-the-art integration combines the raw power of the renowned open-source SIP server, Kamailio, with the convenience and simplicity of an intuitive web interface.

The SIP router can process any SIP endpoints based on the extension in format:

  • 200-C0Mp4nycode
  • 9000-Somecode
  • 10000-XYS1232331232313

The part after the dash “-” will be the identyfier to which the router will route the packets. The system will lookup in the HTABLE database (realtime in-memory database which is faster than MySQL) to which PBX server the traffic has to be routed to. you can add thousands of servers and tenants..

Scale and load balance your Asterisk servers

  1. Superior Scalability: You can easily scale any SIP PBX with the SIP Route Manager.
  2. Optimized Modularity: With SIP Route Manager, benefit from Kamailio’s modular architecture, allowing you to fine-tune the platform in line with your organizational needs.
  3. Diverse Routing Capabilities: From cost-effective routing algorithms to NAT traversal, SIP routing and failover capabilities, SIP Route Manager stands as a versatile tool for all your routing challenges.

Server requirements

You can start using the SIP router with only one node with 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM. When traffic increases you can upgrade to more cores and memory. Also you can add a second node and configure a high availability setup with KeepAlived and MySQL multimaster replication.


The dashboard will provide you with a tactical overview of the latest system state and some statistics.

Advantages of WeProveIT’s Web Interface:

Key Features of SIP Route Manager:

  1. Simplified Management: SIP Route Manager’s user-friendly web interface ensures easy setup, management, and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise.
  2. Dynamic Real-time Analytics: Through its comprehensive dashboard, gain instantaneous insights into server performance and system metrics, helping you make informed decisions.
  3. Centralized Oversight: Designed for efficiency, SIP Route Manager enables seamless management of multiple Kamailio instances, perfect for organizations with broad and dispersed SIP networks.
  4. Advanced Security Measures: Security is paramount with SIP Route Manager. Benefit from DDOS protection with Kamailio PIKE. Only tenants that exist are routed.
  5. Offload PBX traffic: When a tenant is removed, the traffic is blocked /dropped
  6. No RTP proxying required: There is no need to proxy the RTP traffic to Asterisk with RTPProxy.

Setting Up SIP Route Manager:

  1. Installation: Start by ensuring Kamailio is installed on your server.
  2. Deploy SIP Route Manager: Follow our step-by-step guide to deploy the SIP Route Manager.
  3. Dashboard Access: Once set up, dive into the SIP Route Manager dashboard to initiate management of SIP routes, monitor system health, and adjust configurations as required.


Tenants Overview

You can easiily assign tenants to servers.


You can add, modify or remove servers to route SIP traffic to.


All changes are logged:

SIP Signaling

The SIP signaling from peers/clients/endpoints is automatically routed to the assigned server.

The SIP signaling from the PBX’s is automatically routed to the endpoints



SIP Route Manager by WeProveIT signifies a leap in SIP management and routing capabilities. With its comprehensive features and straightforward interface, it promises a future-proof solution for all your SIP communication needs.